TASIE 388 Error E1 / Fixing Tasie E1 Error code

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TASIE 388 Error E1 / Fixing Tasie E1 Error code


The Video Tutorial (Followed by the written)

Error E1 (Tasie XT-388)

Important: Error code E1 on your PTC heater means that the device is functioning properly but is experiencing a (user level error).

Possible Causes

  • The device is not in water (does not detect water).
  • The device is positioned incorrectly.
  • The device is dirty/ severely fouled sensors.
  • The tank/water is dirty and fouling the sensors.
  • The water level in the tank has dropped below the sensors (via evoration or leak).




Fixing Error E1 on your PTC heater

Method 1:    Ensure the heater is properly/fully submerged (device has a safety system that will not switch the heating elements on if it senses no water [hence the E1 error])


Method 2:     The device sensors are unable to sense the water and needs cleaning.

Use a brush to clean (toothbrush or similar soft bristle brush). Ensure there are no build-up left on the sensors.

Suggested Cleaning Tools


Tip:     If the error persist, use your fingers to squeeze the tips of the two sensors towards each other.  A quick way to check if the heater is functioning properly and not clogged up with gunk or have oxidized/calcified sensors, is to briefly use a wire or conductive material to connect the two sensors together. If the device does not start heating and the error code is still present (use a more rugged brush/steel wool to clean the sensors). (!!!CAUTION!!!).

You're Done

Thats it your Heater should be working as good as new!


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Thanks a lot this really work

Thanks a lot this really work

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